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Once you make contact with me, we'll agree to a time to meet online for 15/20min. We'll  explore what you need help with and what you would like to achieve. 

You are free to disclose as much as you feel comfortable however the more we come to understand your needs the better I will be able to judge if I have the right qualifications and experience for you.

You will of course be very welcome to ask questions to help you determine if I am the right  counsellor for you.

I will not ask you to make a decision on the spot and instead will invite you to take a couple of days to reflect on how it went. I will send you a document highlighting  my terms and conditions so you have more information to inform your decision

What happens next?

If you feel that you want to engage in therapy with me, we will agree to a time/day for regular sessions. Or, if we have agreed that you would prefer ad-hoc sessions then we will book our next session.


This is your time and your space and you can use your sessions in the way that is helpful to you.


I use the Person-Centred approach as  a way of being with clients; I believe that, given the space and the right amount of support, we all have the capacity to determine the direction that we wish to take in therapy as well as in life. 


Mostly sessions will be spent discussing whatever you want to explore however I find that at times using  art and creativity can be helpful. 

Paper and pens  will be available if you want to draw, scribble or write something spontaneously , or I could take you through a short guided meditation then you can write, draw,  rip the paper...whatever would  best express what you are experiencing. For more information on this way of working see Person-Centred art therapy

I also, if appropriate, encourage clients to develop a curious attitude toward their physical experience as I think our body, if we pay attention, has a lot to teach us.  For more information see Focusing


If you would like to know more and maybe give this a try, arrange an initial call, it might be easier to judge by meeting me.

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